Super Colon Cleanse, 240 capsules

New easy to swallow capsules. Super Colon Cleanser capsules for individuals who lack sufficient fiber in their diet, for relief from constipation and to maintain regularity.

Product Features

  • 240 Capsules
  • Serving Size: 3-4

3 thoughts on “Super Colon Cleanse, 240 capsules”

  1. Unbelievable results Honestly, I didn’t expect too much from a product that says it will clean me out. Being over 150 pounds overweight for the last 5 years , I have definitely been duped by a lot of products claiming to do a lot of things and then not performing when it comes down to it.I will say this right now.. Super Colon Cleanse is NOT one of these products. I dare to say it is one of if not the most effective supplements I have ever taken and I plan on using it for the rest of my life. I have…

  2. These do work!!! PLEASE READ!!!! I hope people read this review before they buy!!! These pills actually work great. However, you should really only take about four pills a day. If you take the recommended dosage you will never leave the bathroom! I never take more than four pills a day and i skip a day at least once a week. Also, never take them on an empty stomach or they will make your stomach hurt. Always take them after meals. Follow this and they will work for you. They keep my system cleaned out and it’s…

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