Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract (60 Capsules) | All Natural Supplement Chlorogenic Acid Weight Loss Formula | Maximum GCA Content Standardized to 50% | Shed Pounds Quickly Without Jittery Side Effects

Break Through Your Weight Loss Barriers With This Extra-Strength GCA Formula! Have you hit a weight loss wall despite your efforts to eat right and exercise? Kick your slim-down efforts into high gear with Green Optimal Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract with GCA! For years, the chlorogenic acids in green coffee beans have been scientifically studied for their astounding effects on weight loss. Now we’ve packed the slimming power of green coffee into an easy to swallow pill! Our premium supplement contains 100% pure GCA, a patented green coffee bean extract made unique by its ultra-high concentration of chlorogenic acids. You won’t find a more potent formula anywhere else! Customers who use our product report marked weight loss in a short period of time without jittery side effects. And when it comes to safety, our supplement is the best. Made right here in the U.S. (not imported from China), it’s rigorously tested for quality. If you’re ready to accelerate your weight loss results, get the nutritional edge you need with Green Optimal Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract! • Formulated for maximum potency • GCAs standardized to 50% • Appetite suppressant & boosts energy • No jittery feeling • Easy to swallow pills • No gluten, GMOs, or preservatives • Made in the USA These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Click “Add to Cart” to buy now!

Product Features

  • Shed Stubborn Pounds Fast:Customers worldwide report significant weight loss in just a few short weeks using this supplement-without changing their diet or exercise routine. Get the extra boost you need to get the slim, trim body you want!
  • Maximum Potency For Optimal Results: Contains pure GCA®, a specialized raw green coffee bean extract with a high concentration of chlorogenic acids, the antioxidants responsible for weight loss and other health benefits.
  • No Jittery Side Effects: Each capsule contains 20mg of naturally occurring caffeine, less than 1/2 a cup of coffee! You’ll benefit from a reduced appetite and increased energy throughout the day, with no “shaky” feeling common among other weight loss supplements.
  • Ultra-Pure Ingredients: Every bottle undergoes extensive, third party quality control testing in FDA-regulated, GMP-certified manufacturing facilities in the USA. So you can feel confident you’re getting a safe, high-quality supplement.
  • Lose Weight, Or Your Money Back: Your satisfaction is our top priority! If you’re not happy with your experience for any reason at all, simply let us know. We’ll cheerfully and promptly return every penny you paid.

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  1. Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract, it works! If only all coffee beans were green, what fun we would have drinking it each day. With our green eggs and ham, green coffee would be creative. But, then the green coffee beans are a special bean that has certain qualities for weight loss.I originally heard about …

  2. Green Coffee Bean Extract has been all the rage lately, so I figured what could it hurt to try this new wonder supplement?When looking for a supplement, I look at the ingredients and make sure that there are no unnecessary ingredients. It is also important that my supplements come from a factory that does not manufacture shellfish, and these fit the bill.Although CBE has been touted by Dr. Oz as the new miracle weight loss pill, I don’t really take his recommendations to…

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