Mountain House Raspberry Crumble Premium Case Pack

A fresh-tasting raspberry dessert you can enjoy anywhere, anytime. Made with a rich raspberry sauce topped with chocolate cookie crumbs.

Product Features

  • Enjoy 6 pouches of your favorite dessert in one easy to store bulk case
  • Quick prep! Just add water to the pouch and you’re good to go in less than 10 minutes, with no cleanup
  • Four 1/2-cup servings per pouch
  • Allergens: Milk, Soy, Wheat
  • 30 Year Taste Guarantee

2 thoughts on “Mountain House Raspberry Crumble Premium Case Pack”

  1. Among the best shelf-stable desserts First, keep in mind that no freeze-dried or shelf-stable food is ever going to be as good as something you’ve made from scratch. I used to think this was obvious, but I keep seeing reviews claiming that this doesn’t compare to their grandmother’s secret recipe, so apparently there’s some confusion on this point.With that out of the way, this is among the very best of the desserts in the whole shelf stable / easy prep category. You add boiling water, stir for a few seconds, and…

  2. Very good! I used more water than it called for and mine still thickened nicely. I also mixed the sauce and crumbs together.! Very tasty, a scoop of ice cream or a dollap of cool whip would have put into the ultra top bracket dessert in fancy bowls.Plus I mixed it with cold from the tap water. It still came out the way it should.I am a raspberry fiend. They do not grow well here as the weather gets to hot to early. I can’t make this for the price with fresh berries or frozen. Mountian…

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