Coconut Oil Body Wash for Men & Women – Moisturizing Body Wash with Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil Argan Raspberry & Vitamin E – Natural Shower Gel – 8oz – Paraben & Cruelty Free – By Spa Fusions

Our natural body wash is developed with a perfect blend of coconut oil Argan Oil and Vitamin E to create a highly nourishing moisturizing product that will leave you feeling soft and refreshed. Our balance of natural ingredients was created to leave you with nourished skin that is soft to the touch and has a healthy glow.

Our body wash’s formula is a natural body wash that will leave you clean and feeling great! Our unisex body wash is great for the skin and is the perfect natural shaving cream. It helps rid the skin of razor bumps and any other marks left from shaving while simultaneously leaving you soft and hydrated.

Our Moisturizing Soap is fantastic for men and women alike. It is designed to be unisex. Our goals are to leave you with soft, healthy looking skin. It also soothes and relaxes skin irritants so you feel as good as you look. More so, we don’t test our products on animals, we are a cruelty free company that just wants to leave you feeling relaxed, cleansed and looking your best. Not to mention, leave you smelling amazing!

Raspberry Coconut Shower Gel Benefits:
 Amazing Scent  Nourishing  Soothes Skin Irritants  Moisturizes Dry Skin  Cruelty Free  Paraben Free  Disinfectant  Natural Shaving Cream  Unisex

Product Features

  • Raspberry Coconut Shower Gel is a natural body soap created from natural plant based ingredients. It was designed to utilize nature to its full potential and to unleash all the possible benefits to create a nourishing cleansing shower gel.
  • Our Moisturizing formula is specially designed to be soothing for your skin and senses. Created from ingredients that have special calming effects on the epidermis to leave you feeling soft smooth and glowing.
  • Our Coconut Shower Gel has a plethora of benefits. This moisturizing nourishing shower gel is also a great shaving cream which will get you a close shave without nicks, cuts, or razor burn!
  • SAFE AND EFFECTIVE- Raspberry Coconut Shower Gel Spa Fusions by HoneyDew is extremely gentle and effective. It is a deeply nourishing natural body wash for men and women, better than other options on the market.
  • 100% CUSTOMER SATISFACTION GUARENTEED – Manufactured in a state-of-the-art facility in the USA which exceeds all GMP standards. This is the Best Natural Coconut Raspberry Body Wash solution available. 100% money-back guaranteed!

3 thoughts on “Coconut Oil Body Wash for Men & Women – Moisturizing Body Wash with Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil Argan Raspberry & Vitamin E – Natural Shower Gel – 8oz – Paraben & Cruelty Free – By Spa Fusions”

  1. This body wash smells absolutely phenomenal! It is divine, I went ahead and tried it out and it reminded me of those Bath and Body Work and Victoria Secret Body Wash, the ones that are fruity. I absolutely loved it, it smelled so good. I could definitely smell the Raspberry, not so much the coconut which was fine because I think the berry smell is exquisitely wonderful. What made this body wash special wasn’t only the scent but that it left my skin soft and not dry. It is summer time and I…

  2. I prefer to buy coconut-based bodywashes when i can, and to try new ones. so when i saw the chance to try this brand at a reduced price as long as i left an unbiased review, i did so. the ingredient list can be found by zooming in on the product photo since it isnt listed in the text. the photo though lists sodium laurel sulfate as the first ingredient though, and what i received does not (which is a good thing). also theres macadamia nut oil in it which comes before argan and coconut. the soap…

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