Certified Organic Red Raspberry Seed Oil – 1 fl oz (30 ml) – Cold Pressed by Berry Beautiful

For daily use. Antioxidant powerhouse that moisturizes and protects skin from photo-aging. Cold-pressed by Berry Beautiful from sustainably grown, certified organic red raspberry seeds. Certified organic red raspberries are grown without the use of synthetic chemicals and GMOs. Organic farming is a method for raising crops that depends on crop rotation, biological pest control and compost. This approach to farming minimizes the use of various harmful chemicals and focuses on using natural ways to enhance the quality of the soil and the cultivated crops.

Product Features

  • Hydrating, lightweight oil that is quickly absorbed
  • Unparalleled protection from free radicals that are the chief cause of premature aging of the skin
  • Balances and brightens skin tone and helps repair and reduce inflammation caused by oxidative stressors
  • It has been reported that topically applied red raspberry seed oil offers relief to people suffering from eczema, psoriasis, sunburn, rosacea and rashes
  • Unrefined, no additives, enzymes, chemicals, solvents or process aids of any kind are used in the production of this oil

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