Bed Head BH311 Blue Raspberry Conical Styler

Create tight curls on top and loose curls on the bottom with a reverse conical barrel styler. Tourmaline ceramic barrel provides high, even heat with rapid heat recovery. Clamp-free wrap-and-go design gives you salon-quality styling. Includes heat protective gloves to protect your hands.

Product Features

  • Sweeten Up Your Style! The Reverse Conical Wand will create tight curls on top, loose curls on the bottom.
  • Frizz Free, Shiny Styles without the Kinks
  • No clamping; just wrap and go
  • Rapid heat recovery minimizes heat-up times
  • Includes heat-protective glove

2 thoughts on “Bed Head BH311 Blue Raspberry Conical Styler”

  1. Absolutely love this wand! I want to start by saying that I might possibly have every styling tool of every kind. This is actually my second wand (the first being a Revlon wand with a clip). I have thin, wavy hair that can’t hold a curl. I have a big barrel curling iron, a 1″, tourmaline and ceramic and I’ve tried it all–this wand is absolutely awesome. It makes ringlet curls that fall to waves as the day progresses. Usually my curls fall within a half hour with any other tool and I have had my hair curly for going on 2…

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