Trusted Nutrients Garcinia Cambogia Extract 100% Pure, 1000mg Per Veggie Cap, 65% HCA, 180 Count, Serving Size Just 1 Veggie Cap

Garcinia Cambogia is a light green fruit that has been used all over the world, for hundreds of years, as a natural weight loss supplement. Way before scientists were doing technologically advanced studies to determine the chemical properties, and potential benefits of this pumpkin shaped fruit, people living in Southeast Asia, India, and all over Africa were reaping the rewards that this fruit has to offer. Why is Garcinia Cambogia effective as a weight loss supplement? LetÕs start with what happens when you eat. Your body uses food as an energy source. Whenever you eat, your stomach digests the food, and the carbohydrates and sugars within the food are broken down into smaller, more usable molecules, called glucose. You can then use that glucose to make energy. If your body determines that it doesn’t need to use any more glucose for energy, it will store the leftover glucose in your muscle and skeletal cells, as glycogen. Once that storage is filled, enzymes will convert the excess glucose into fat, and store it in various places on your body. The active ingredient in Garcinia Cambogia, Hydroxycitric Acid (HCA), works by blocking those enzymes from converting the glucose into fat, and preventing the fatty deposits from ever forming. Your body can then burn the glucose, and your already stored fat deposits for energy. HCA also stimulates the production and release of a neurotransmitter called serotonin. Serotonin is responsible for causing you to experience feelings of relief, happiness, pleasure, and well-being. Research has shown that the rise in serotonin levels will not only improve your mood, but also suppress your appetite, and prevent emotional or reactive eating.

Product Features

  • The Only Garcinia Cambogia with 1,000 mg of 100% Pure Garcinia Cambogia Per Vegetarian Capsule: Each Vegetarian Capsule Features 100% Pure, Double Ground Garcinia Cambogia Extract Set in a Base of Potassium (as Hydroxycitrate) for Optimal Absorption. The Double Ground Garcinia Cambogia Allows for 1,000 mg of Pure Garcinia Cambogia Per Vegetarian Capsule, Instead of the Standard of 500 mg. One Serving is Just One Capsule. Each Bottle Contains 180 Veggie Caps and therefore 180 Full Servings.
  • The Trusted Nutrients Advantage: 1,000 mg Per Vegetarian Capsule, 65% Hydroxycitric Acid, Potassium (as Hydroxycitrate) for Maximum Absorption, 180 Servings per Bottle, Made in the USA, GMP Registered Facility, FDA Registered Facility, No Fillers, No Binders, No Artificial Anything, 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, 100% Money Back Guarantee, 24/7 Access to Certified Nutritionists for Service and Support.
  • Trusted Nutrients 100% Pure Garcinia Cambogia Extract: All Natural, Non-Stimulating, Safe, Clinically Proven, Maximum Absorption Weight Loss Formula, Fat Burner, and Appetite Suppressant. Ingredients are always Non-GMO and Gluten Free. There are never any Fillers, Binders, Artificial Flavors or Ingredients. Each Vegetarian Capsule is Manufactured in the USA in Accordance with the Strictest GMP Standards in a GMP Certified and FDA Registered Facility that is Regularly Inspected by the Food and Drug Administration.
  • Each Vegetarian Capsule is Individually Standardized to the Highest Quality and Maximum Potency and Purity of 65% Hydroxycitric Acid (65% HCA). With the HCA Set in Potassium (as Hydroxycitrate), Absorption is Maximized. HCA is the Active Ingredient in the Garcinia Cambogia Fruit that Provides for the Clinically Proven Weight Loss, Appetite Control, and Fat Burning Indicated in Clinical Trials. Furthermore, Potent HCA Has Been Shown to Improve Good Cholesterol Levels while Reducing Bad Cholesterol.
  • Each Bottle of Trusted Nutrients 100% Pure Garcinia Cambogia Extract is Backed by a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee and 100% Money Back Guarantee. With Every Purchase, a Certified Nutritionist will Welcome you to the Trusted Nutrients Family. Customers (and to-be customers) Enjoy 24/7/365 Access to our Team of Certified Sports Nutritionists for Tips, Feedback, and Advice on Diet, Exercise, and of Course; Dietary Supplements and General Health. Nutritionists are Available via Phone, Email, Online Chat, and Even Text Message at your Request. We Take Customer Experience and Service Seriously. That’s Why We are One of the Only Sellers with a 4.9 Star Rating on Amazon with Almost 1,000 Seller Feedbacks and Growing.

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  1. Works well This is a good product. I have been using it exclusively for 6 months or so and saw some solid weight loss. (4-5lbs a month) I have since switched over to a product called SuperFruitPro which includes Garcinia, Green coffee raspberry ketones, and a bunch of other fruit fat burners, and I am now seeing 7-8lbs of fat loss per month. If you are an avid…

  2. Let the Buyer Beware – Final Remarks January 13, 2014: I am the author of “Let the Buyer Beware,” a review of Trusted Nutrients’ marketing efforts, the fact that they knowingly sent out “tens of thousands” of wrongly-labeled product, as well as their continued efforts to persuade me to change my mind and/or my review of their company. I won’t go over it all again – you can feel free to read on if you’d like. I won’t be responding to any additional posts on this subject, although I do pray that this company actually does come…

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